Archives of the Akademie der Künste

Director of the Archives
Werner Heegewaldt

Art Collection
Luisenstraße 60
10117 Berlin


Head of the Art Collection and project leadership
Dr. habil. Rosa von der Schulenburg

Heartfield Online
Meike Herdes (museologist)
Myriam Hilmes (project assistant)
Anna Schultz (project management)

Heartfield Exhibition Berlin
Nadja Bender
Dr. habil. Angela Lammert
Dr. habil. Rosa von der Schulenburg
Anna Schultz

Ruben Sprondel

Members of staff (Art Collection)
Antje Hanack, Anita Metelka

IT at Akademie der Künste
Torsten Roloff

Department of Conservation
Volker Busch, Cornelia Hanke, Marieluise Nordahl
with support from Götz Drope, Ingeborg Fries, Konstantin Hanke, Heidi Paulus and Therersa Schlagheck
The implementation of an optimized storage system for the original photomontages and books was made possible by the generous support of the HERMANN REEMTSMA STIFTUNG as part of the Kunst auf Lager initiative.

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Heimann und Schwantes

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Sprachwerkstatt Berlin, Anna Schultz

Julia Bernhard

Biography and List of People: Michael Krejsa, Volker Landschof, Harald Schadek

Glossary: Nina Zellerhoff
Iconclass Notations: Meike Herdes, Stella Jäger
Texts on the Collection and Project: Anna Schultz

Heartfield Online is based on the work and research done by colleagues who previously worked with the Heartfield bequest notably, Elisabeth Patzwall, Petra Albrecht and Peter Zimmermann, to whom we are greatly indebted. We also extend our thanks to Samantha-Josefin Gläser, Julia Hartung, Isabel Hildebrand, Stephanie Kanne, Paula Runiewicz, Ruben Sprondel, Claudia Ullmann, Katharina Weber who supported the project in various capacities.

We are grateful to the Heartfield Community of Heirs for their support und cooperation.

Generously supported by ´The German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media and the Ernst von Siemens Kunststiftung.